If you're interested in getting some extra play time, or want to play but can't fully commit to a league, consider having yourself added to the sub list!  The list will be provided to captains in eligible leagues to help them find players when they're running short.  

Note that you must have a current membership in order to be eligible to participate in any league games. 


Send an email to with the following information:


Roster spot (woman/open)


Cell number (optional)


We've created an online space for members to voice their opinions, concerns, complaints and even praises! 


Please follow this link to fill in the information that you would like to share with the Executive.


If you are looking to receive feedback or open a dialogue please don't forget to leave your name and contact information or email directly. 

If you would rather leave an anonymous concern or comment that is also welcome, but know that the more details we acquire the better likelihood of moving towards a resolved outcome. 


Thanks for your help!

Zuluru is pretty feature-packed and can be a bit overwhelming at first. We've put together a couple of videos to help you quickly get up to speed. The complete collection (just two as this is being written, but there will be more coming) can be accessed through the Zuluru YouTube channel.


The first video is an introduction to using Zuluru. It's just 3 minutes long, and recommended viewing for all players.

The second video is an introduction to captaining a team. It's a little longer at 5 minutes long, but if you're a captain, you'll save that time back many times over with the features and tips it shows.