Touring Teams

Touring Teams


We are Crux and Axiom, a Touring Ultimate Frisbee system based out of Hamilton. Crux is synonymous with core, and that is what we’re about, creating a strong core for Ultimate Frisbee in Hamilton and improving the core abilities of our players. Axiom┬áis a statement that is taken to be true, to serve as a premise or starting point for further reasoning. Our objective is to provide a fun and enjoyable environment in which players strive develop their skills. Crux is a mixed competitive ultimate team and Axiom is a mixed development ultimate team, both based out of Hamilton. We practice once a week to develop our team cohesion, individual skills, and fitness. Our season runs from April to August during that time we compete at tournaments in Ontario, travelling outside the province once a year to compete at the Canadian Ultimate Championships. Our team is dedicated to encouraging and improving players in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee, with a special emphasis on our three core tenets:

We are committed to helping develop women in the community. Last year we had an even roster of women and men, including roles, with 6 handlers and 8 cutters of each gender. We also committed to playing both genders equally through ratio rules. We also pushed for GE in player touches with our stats showing that our women had 41% of our teams touches (for comparison, the stats in this research of games played at USAU mixed over the years of 2014-2017 are that women got 26% of touches as shown here). We are looking to expand this value to encompass all types of equity in future years, with a focus still on gender equity.

If you want to be involved: Open tryouts happen mid to late April! you can also stay updated with specific events, dates, and announcements by liking our Facebook page, Crux Ultimate, and following us on twitter @Cruxultimate.

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