indoor 6v6 Rules

Indoor 6v6 Rules


Typically registration opens mid-late September (or mid-end of November for the winter league) and is open for all individuals to register as an individual. This league will sell out and spots are only confirmed when full payment is received. Players are able to register with one other player IF required for carpool or childcare. We strongly encourage players to register as an individual as this helps to ensure more evenly skilled teams (and makes the drafting process run smoother). Players will be drafted the week league begins (to ensure all spots are filled) and players will be notified of their team roster and captain at least two nights in advance of their first game.


Sunday 6v6 league runs each week (end of October to x-mas break & new year to early April) but games will be played at different times each Sunday (between 12pm and 3:30pm).

Start/End Time: 

Indoor 6v6 starts as soon as the buzzer goes to end the previous timeslot (usually 5 minutes until the end of the hour). Please wait until previous rentals have exited the field before throwing the disc. Teams playing on fields with nets still on the field need to move the net to the out of bounds area (the safest space you can find that doesn’t block an exit).

The buzzer will sound to end your game, please quickly exit the field and make sure nothing is left behind.

Additional Safety Considerations:

  • Push away any benches that are close to the boundary lines and help conveners place the blue tubes in front of bleachers (DO NOT LEAVE BAGS IN THE WAY).

  • Children should NOT be on the field at anytime during the 2 hour timeslot. If children are in attendance they should be in the bleachers and told to pay attention to the game they are adjacent to. Players and discs enter the bleachers multiple times a game. It is always best to have an adult next to children to ensure they are out of harms way during game time.

  • Players should do all they can to avoid running, jumping or landing in the bleachers. The blue tubes are not there for a landing zone they are there in case you fall or trip and land next to the metal bleachers. We have received many injury reports from plays that involve players running into bystanders that are sitting in the bleachers. This is unacceptable.

Indoor 6v6 League Specific Rules:

Number of players:

  •   Each team will field 6 per side. Ratio is 3W:3O

Game Duration, Game Format:

  • Field and End zone perimeters are based on Soccerworld’s existing lines. Pylons will be required for the front endzone line. Pylons are stored in the side storage room next to field 2. Please return pylons if you play during the last timeslot.

  • Call time cap at 5 minutes before end of time slot – there are no timeouts during the time cap.

  • Captains will need to ensure the game on the scoreboard starts on time and to record the score & immediately reset the timer after finishing your game. All teams will use the electronic scoreboards to monitor the game duration and if possible the score. Make sure that several people on your team know how to operate the timers. Use the Soccerworld clock for the time.

  • Each game will have approximately 30 min halves, with an optional 5 minute break at half time.  Pulls will initiate each half.

  • Games must end at or before the scheduled end.  Play-off games cannot end in a tie. Buzzer Beater: If the disc is in the air when the horn goes off, the subsequent point caught will count (disc must be released before the horn). If there is a tie during a playoff game, the buzzer should be ignored until the next point is scored.

Continuous Play/Speed Point Format:

  • There will be no pulls or stoppages of play at the end of each point scored.

  • The offensive team (after scoring) will drop the disc where they scored in the end zone.  The previously-defensive, now-offensive team will then pick up the disc and resume play at this location. (live-end zone).  The previously-offensive team will then be on defense.

  • Live-end zone:

    • When the point is scored;

    • Possession of the disc changes in the endzone; or

    • On the pull (at the start & at the half)

    • Only bring it up to the front line/cone if the disc goes out the back or sides.

Subbing-On-The-Fly Rules:

  • Subbing will be made on the fly at the designated subbing area (in front of the scoreboard).  That is, subbing-OFF players must run towards the scoreboard area to HIGH-FIVE the subbing-ON player.  Remember that you can’t go on the field until you are high-fived by your team mate.  HINT: Try to sub only when you’re on offense.

  • Players not tagging and/or subbing, or players coming on the field near the end zones is not permitted and is a violation (see below).

Rules modifications from USAU Rules:

  • Stall count to TEN (no longer to 8)

  • No footblocks

  • There will not be a hard (score) cap.  Teams can continue to score until the duration of the game elapses.

  • End-zones are live. Only bring it up to the front line/cone if the disc goes out the back or sides.

  • Hitting an out of bounds object with the disc results in a turnover at the spot the disc crossed the boundary line.


  • Too many players on the field (if not fixed before movement in disc)- results in a turnover if the offending team has possession.

  • Failing to tag the in-coming player- stops play until the action is corrected.

In both cases:

  • Violation should be called out loud by any player on the field

  • Play resumes with a check


Each team will be allowed 2 timeouts per game (1 per half). The procedure of initiating and carrying out a time out will follow USAU rules, with the following amendments:

  • No timeouts allowed in the last 5 min of the game

  • Time out duration is 60 seconds (instead of 70sec)

  • Defensive team can check the disc in play immediately after the 60 sec elapses and call delay of game (instead of waiting an additional 20 sec before checking the disc and starting stall count).  The Offensive team has 2 counts to react to the delay of game call before the defensive team can set up a mark and begin the stall count. If you call a time-out, check the clock and concur with your marker when your timeout will expire (which is 60 seconds later).

Substitution Policy:

Please keep in mind that the basic intent of the rules is to try to ensure that no-one gains an unfair advantage.  The aim of the rules concerning subs is the same.

  • All subs must be HUC members and registered for the 6×6 indoor league. The substitute player is of similar skill level than the missing player(s) (same or lesser rating – no prior approval needed from opposing captain).