Captain Responsibilities

Find fall league captain responsibilities here.

Captain Responsibilities:

I agree to accept and fulfill the penalty for not meeting the responsibilities listed below. This may result in penalties ranging from loss of default bond ($50), accepting a losing score, accepting loss of playoff position, to a removal from the league.



  • Register your team online and pay team fee by April 18th.
  • Ensure all players are members of HUC and are listed on your roster (Roster deadline: July 28).

Team Administration

  • Find new players on the homepage, see article titled “Looking for a team” at\looking4team
  • Registered players are in our database.  Please update the roster when players have registered (July 29th deadline).
  • New HUC members need to create an account & buy the membership online before they can be added to a roster
  • Add co-captains or assistant captains to your team to help out with team admin.
  • Report game, spirit score, and most spirited players online within 72 hours through Zuluru- “Leagues” tab to the “Scores” page.
  • Report ALL injuries and ALL incidents online (including the names of the players involved) that soured the mood of your game or created a dangerous incident
  • Pick a jersey colour for your team.
  • E-mail conveners for league specific questions ( or
  • E-mail the website admin for website bugs

League Play

  • Ensure only registered players take the field (guests are allowed to play for one week and should sign the online waiver or a paper waiver. Please give hardcopies to a BoD member or scan & email to the convenor)
  • Inform team members of game times and locations (automatic e-mails can be generated through our system, you must enable the attendance tracker feature in order to do this)
  • Set up fields, bring cones and game disc
  • Call games due to lightening and/OR thunder (if you cannot safely wait for storm to clear) and communicate to both teams.
  • Start games at 6:30pm (15min grace period before you count points. 1 point for every 5 min, 7 players on the line)
  • Know when to cap games due to darkness and compromise with other captain (Decide BEFORE game)
  • Bring rule book, know application of basic rules and calls (direct your team to
  • Be prepared for emergencies (carry ice packs for potential injuries, have emergency numbers for your players)
  • Encourage spirited play and sportsmanship amongst team and league
  • Discourage and/or report to conveners unsportsmanlike play or attitudes
  • Complete Incident Report Form when problems arise (spirit, dangerous plays, injuries, field conditions) This is located through the “Scores” page. Check the box labeled “I have an incident to report” and extra fields will appear
  • Carry copy of field permits (keep bookmark on phone), located by link to your scheduled game
  • Inform the convener if unable to field a team during regular season games and do your best to find replacements through the sublist and community Facebook group
  • Report defaults
  • Answer to league convener if defaults are repetitive, accept recruits assigned to you if you have defaulted


  • No Alcohol
  • No Smoking on ANY fields or field parking lots
  • Protect (don’t play on fields with standing water) and clean up fields (Remember: stay off cricket pitch)
  • Promote and communicate HUC events/news to team members in a timely manner
  • Act as a liaison to HUC coordinators and board of directors
  • Stay informed of HUC updates, events and website postings 
  • Set an example of how HUC ultimate is played and run
  • Attend captain's meetings when called or send delegate
  • Assign co-captain if unable to meet above commitments/responsibilities