Touring Team Sponsorship Policy

Hamilton Ultimate Club Touring Team Sponsorhip Policy

The Board of Directors (BOD) and the Hamilton Ultimate Club (HUC) recognizes the value of competitive touring to the game of ultimate. Touring players represent a skill and knowledge base that can be used to develop ultimate in the Hamilton and surrounding areas.

HUC’s first priority is to its membership, and HUC values competitive touring players as a part of the larger membership. We aim to establish a balance between the needs of our recreational members and those of touring players. HUC has established policies to encourage the growth of our membership and advancement of the game through knowledge and skills sharing between touring members and recreational players. HUC engages in a mutually beneficial and bidirectional relationship with the touring system by exchanging ultimate and touring-related resources.

HUC’s contribution to any touring team will be reviewed yearly by the BOD and decisions regarding contributions will be made based on the following:

1) the financial ability of HUC to provide support,

2) the written proposal of the touring team,

3) the contribution and follow-through of the touring team to the league in the previous season,

4) the willingness of the touring team to advertise HUC using approved logos on new uniforms, and

5) the BOD’s view that the touring team reflects a positive advancement and growth of the league and sport.

Resources typically approved for support include, but are not limited to: fields, supplies (discs, cones, pinnies, first aid supplies), insurance, general financial support, gear discounts, etc.

HUC requires support from touring teams in the multiple areas. Touring teams can run skills workshops, coach recreational teams, and volunteer at HUC events and tournaments etc. Emphasis is placed on programs particularly important to HUC player development, league growth, event coordination, and league management.

At the beginning of the season (2 weeks prior to the AGM), eligible touring teams (or their administrators) must submit a proposal to HUC outlining details of their proposed HUC/Ultimate community commitment, and the resources they wish to request. Additionally, team administrators must attend and present the proposal at the AGM. HUC will allocate resources according to BOD recommendations and teams will be held accountable throughout the season. The proposal can be submitted via this link. We recommend you copy your responses into a word document for your records.