Outdoor 7v7 Rules

Outdoor 7v7 Rules


Typically registration opens mid-late February and is open for all captains to register a full team. A deposit is collected at the time of registration to reserve your team’s spot. We have three league nights and each night requires separate registration if you want to play all three nights.

Week Night Formats: 

New to summer league 2022, Tuesday nights will now be individual registration and under flexible payment options. We recognize the difficulty for new players to the area or to the sport to find a team to play on AND with the past break in summer league play we are hoping to create a space for players to meet new people and get to know, or reconnect, with the HUC community. Monday and Thursday leagues will remain as team-based registration and more space will be available for more teams on these nights but we are limited to the fields we can rent. 


Spring/summer outdoor league runs from the end of May until the last week of August (ending the Thursday before labour day weekend). Playoffs (and set rosters) happen in August. Year-end parties are hosted after the last game of the year at one of our partner restaurants. Here we hand out championship, spirit and door prizes! New party location ideas are always welcome. Let us know if you have any suggestions: events@hamiltonultimate.com

Start/End Time: 

Summer starts at 6:30pm with a 15 minute grace period. If the team you are playing does not have a full team by 6:45pm, 7 players stand on the line and begin counting a point against them for every 5 minutes they are late (i.e. score will be 1-0 at 6:50 pm). If a team cannot field 5 players (including 2 women) by 7:00pm they will default the game, receive zero points and zero spirit points.

End times vary throughout the summer (game to 15, sunset dictates, or hardcap at 8pm if field is booked afterwards). Please ensure captains agree on an end time BEFORE you start your game. This is extremely important in the month of August when we start to lose valuable game-time light. Check out this link to determine sunset times. 

7v7 League Specific Rules:

  • Foot Blocks will be left up to the captains. Default: No foot blocks.

  • Substitution Policy: All regular players must be HUC members. Guests may play up to one game without being a member. They must sign a hard copy of the Membership Waiver & Concussion Code of Conduct prior to play and send to the league’s convener (Monday@hamiltonultimate.com, Tuesday@hamiltonultimate.com or Thursday@hamiltonultimate.com). Roster deadline is the last Sunday in July – all players listed on roster MUST be regular players (subs must have played a minimum of 3 regular season games to be added as a regular member for playoffs).

  • Reporting scores & incidents: must be reported through the website by BOTH captains within 72 hours of the end of the game.

Substitution Policy:

All subs must be HUC members and listed on your team’s roster. Guests are welcome to play one game in the fall outdoor season but must fill out the Concussion Code of Conduct and the Membership Waiver and send to the Monday, Tuesday or Thursday @hamiltonultimate.com convener(s).