Outdoor 6v6 Rules

Outdoor 6v6 Rules


*New this season* – lit fields on turf from 6:30pm-8pm.

THURSDAY nights at both St. Mary’s and Bishop Tonnos and a one-day tournament on October 22nd.



Please view this document to see the rules for this fall outdoor season.


Typically registration opens mid-August and is open for all captains to register a full team.

Duration: Fall outdoor league runs from the first week after labour day to the second to last weekend in October. Regular season games happen on Thursday nights at 6:30pm with a one-day Saturday “play-off” tournament.

Number of players

Each team will field 6 per side. Ratio is 3W:3O.

Field Set Up

Total field length (including endzones) is 80 yards, width is 30 yards and endzones are 15 yards each. Brick mark is 15 yards from the endzone line.

Game Duration

Fall league starts at 6:30pm with a 10 minute grace period. If the team you are playing does not have a full team by 6:40pm, 6 players stand on the line and begin counting a point against them for every 5 minutes they are late (i.e. score will be 1-0 at 6:45 pm). If a team cannot field 5 players (including 2 women) by 6:50pm they will default the game, receive zero points and zero spirit points.

Games end at 8:00pm sharp!

Game Format

Regular 7v7 rules but with 6 players on the field for each team. 


SPEEDPOINT in effect

Rules modifications from USAU RULES:

·   No Footblocks,  unless agreed upon by the captain(s) before the game.


Each team will be allowed 2 timeouts per game (1 per half). 

Substitution Policy:

All subs must be HUC members and listed on your team’s roster. Guests are welcome to play one game in the fall outdoor season but must fill out the Concussion Code of Conduct and the Membership Waiver and send to the fall@hamiltonultimate.com convener(s).